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So, I’m all for people being respectful of others’ body type, just to start off. I also very much encourage people to be confident in the bodies they have and to accept themselves. I don’t condone unhealthy lifestyles, no matter what someone looks like. Just as an example, someone who’s really skinny might be really unhealthy (either eating a lot of junk food with a fast metabolism or not eating anything at all). I’ve seen too many of my relatives (overweight or not, but unhealthy nonetheless) pass away from stroke or heart attack and I sometimes I fear that if people get too comfortable in their bodies, they may not care anymore and continue with their unhealthy lifestyle. My relatives were so stubborn to listen to others to be healthier and they believed that those things happen to other people, not them. Unfortunately I’m going to focus on the fat acceptance movement. Being overweight and obese is tied to so many lethal diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and it also increases blood pressure and risk of stroke. I just want people to be healthy and if they accept their unhealthy lifestyle just because they don’t want to lose weight or take the time and effort to really monitor their health, I can’t bring myself to support being happy in your own body if you’re not clinically healthy. By Anonymous poster on UC Santa Cruz Confessions